Hi there.

I’m Amy Caracappa

web • branding • UX/UI • illustration • print


Work experience & history, education, certifications, software & skills

  • Freelance + Agency + In-House + Independent Contractor Experience
  • Web/UI Design • WordPress & Shopify platforms • SEO & IA • HTML/CSS
  • Adobe CS (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) • Experience with XD, Figma, Sketch
  • Print • Branding • Illustration • Infographics • Web + Digital Design
  • BFA Graphic Design + UX Certification


Resume Highlights:

Artist by birth, designer by education, tested by experience.

I have over 12 years of professional design experience working as a one woman shop, in-house, agency, and freelance positions. I’m no stranger to working solo or on remote teams—managing time, clients, deliverables, deadlines, and (gasp) scope creep! I’m a self starter and life-long learner continually expanding my skill sets in design, UX, SEO, and IA.

Other than design, I love drawing, music, boxing, and playing roller derby and skating with my friends.



Most recent visual portfolio of work to include: UX/UI, IA, web design, branding & brand systems, digital marketing, print & editorial design, and illustration

Portfolio Highlights:

I started out in the print world but quickly moved into the digital world not long into my professional career. With my background in previous technical careers, I was up for the challenge. Combined with my conceptual and practical design skills, I quickly focused on web and digital design. It became the place I could use bold print design concepts alongside future-proof site architecture and UX/UI/SEO optimizations—where both the right and left sides of my brain can be happy.

Portfolio Extra

Gifs: When your marketing needs a little something “extra”

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