WordPress Website Planning + Design

No two businesses are alike. Why should your website be any different?

You’ve toiled away at building a solo business that has an edge only you can deliver. It may have taken months, years even to get it just to the point where you are happy to call it your baby (and not your ball and chain).

So why would you go through all that hard work, all those late nights, all those worry wrinkles, just to have it live on a website that is as generic, and bland, and boring as a thousand other websites out there?

You wouldn’t.

I believe in using web tactics and strategies that have proven their worth over time. But what I don’t believe is that is has to look like/act like/sound like everyone else out there. That’s the status quo way of doing it. And you’re not a status quo type of person.


Whether you are just looking to migrate your janky Joomla site over to WordPress, or in need of a completely customized theme to make your website dreams come true—I’ve got you covered.


Despite what the level of customization your website needs, these are the foundational steps and features you’ll receive:

  • Review of business goals and needs that need to be reflected in your new site
  • SEO crawl of your current site to search for content structure, SEO setup, and any errors
  • Site Map outlining the new structural layout, page needs, how any new content relates to your current content, and 3rd party integrations
  • New website built on the latest WordPress CMS
  • Responsive design (Mobile and Tablet friendly) built in (no need for those crappy mobile plugins)
  • Access to my library of Pro Plugins worth well over $1,000
  • Integrations with your Email Marketing service (Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.)
  • Refresh of your current branding: updating colors, fonts and minor design adjustments to your logo or wordmark (Interested in a full visual rebrand too? Check out the Optional Add-Ons listed below.)
  • Launch of the new design to your web host
  • Style and User PDF Guide that outlines how to style, update and maintain your custom site
  • 60 minute Skype session or access to recorded videos on how to maintain and update your new site
  • 30 Day follow-on support after site launch for bug fixes, minor design tweaks and questions on use


When you need additional functionality or customized themes, options, or design such as:

  • Custom Fields and Custom Post Types to make updating your site easy and less code-y
  • Custom shortcodes to help you quickly insert custom features or snippets
  • Membership protected areas of your site
  • ECommerce/Shopping Cart for Digital Products
  • Site migration to another hosting service
  • Design clean-up of extensive Pages or Posts
  • Assistance and set up other 3rd party API integrations

Not seeing what you need on this list? Just ask. I don’t bite. (Promise.)

WordPress Strategy + Design packages start at $3500


Schedule a no-hassle, easy-peasy, and oh yeah, FREE chat with me to find out if we’re a good match:


Trying to envision just what your website could look like? Here are a few recent clients (and their sites) to get your mind warmed up.


Stephanie is a popular financial blogger who was hiding her passion for cartooning behind an old website that didn’t showcase her hilarious and super informative cartoons. After working together, she had the confidence to roll out a new site that put her cartoons front and center with a big-ass buy button to start selling these gems to her fans! But don’t just take it from me, listen to what she had to say:

Before and After for Empowered Dollar

The Before and After of Stephanie’s website…and this is only the top of the Homepage! Ka-Pow!

Stephanie Halligan

As an online solopreneur, my website and brand is the most valuable thing I have. So to have it be expressed so beautifully, authentically and practically through an amazingly designed website like this the best investment I have ever made. And the fact that Amy turned out such amazing work under my deadline – priceless.

It was one of the best working relationships I’ve ever had.

Stephanie HalliganCEO CartoonistEmpowered DollarWashington, DC


Agatha is an Entrepreneurial Vlog Rap Star for the Badass Female Entrepreneur. While her previous site featured her front and center, she knew she was sooo much cooler than her website made her seem. (And I felt the exact same way.) By matching her visual brand to her fun and urban-fabulousness (leopard print included), visitors now know exactly what to expect from the Hey Agatha TV star!

Before and After Hey Agatha

The Before and After I got a hold of Agatha’s site!

Agatha Kulesza

For the first time in my 12 years as an entrepreneur, I found great piece of mind by hiring Amy. She not only designs impeccably, but also has a strong marketing mind so I was fully supported in realizing my online presence with her. She was able to effortlessly translate my design ideas into reality without me having to explain it for hours.

She makes it painless.

Agatha KuleszaMastermind Facilitator & Business RapperHey AgathaLos Angeles, CA


Samantha had a thriving makeup and esthetician business, that boasted plenty of repeat customers. She knew once she got her hands (literally) on a new client, they were hooked on her holistic approach and fantastic results. Moms would bring their daughters back. Daughters would bring their moms. But what her business didn’t have was a show-stopping brand and website that dripped with beauty, professionalism and care that would attract new clients to her door (especially ones that found her by searching online).

Before and After Samantha Welch

Amazing what a makeover can do!

Samantha Welch

I learned a lot about my style and how I want to come across. Amy knows her business very well and directed me while allowing me to express myself creatively so I felt part of the process. My website, logo, business cards and more are all branded with the same logo, color scheme and fonts, that has a lot of visual impact on current and potential clients.

Visually, it gave my business the boost I had been looking for.

Samantha WelchOwnerSamantha Welch, esthetician & makeup artistHyannis, MA



So, are you ready to add your name to this list and stop wasting time fighting with your ho-hum website, so you can just focus on running your dang business already?!?

(Queue image of me and you jumping up and running shoulder to shoulder into the battlefield. I got your back, wingman.)

  • Tell me a little about your website, needs, business...anything you'd like me to know before we chat.