Who is Amy CQ?

I’m a woman on a mission.

A mission to play it big while staying small. A mission to scale without having to compromise. A mission to help other solopreneurs, like myself, to learn how to use big business strategy on a micro business level. A mission to create a sustainable, agile, successful and fulfilling career that will never have to fit itself into the box labeled J.O.B.

It’s a mission to be HUGEish.

An artist from birth, a designer by education, and a troubleshooting, curiosity-seeking, builder of better mousetraps by genetics, this very new adVenture for me at HUGEish.com has been in the making for over three decades. I get to use my wit-sharp words, left-of-center creativity, on-point design skills, language of code, virtual library of information and experience, and business intuition in one of the best business mashups I’ve ever come up with for myself. And all of it is used to help you: the risk-taking, big-thinking, future-seeing solopreneur.

I often see myself having a foot in two worlds: the logical and the creative. Using my lifetime of learning the Fine Arts that keeps my hands (and head) grounded to the physical world, I simultaneously learn and tinker in the cyber and online business world. And my resume reads the same:

After attaining the highest level administrative position within the inspection department of a global corporate aviation company, I decided to make a career switch leap and I began my studies in Graphic Design/Letterform from the University of Massachusetts with extensive additional Fine Art and color theory studies. But as you will get to know, I don’t do things that easy. So, before starting college (while still working full-time) I also enlisted in the Massachusetts Air National Guard. I attended Air Force basic training and technical training school, where I earned a distinguished graduate honor in my Air Force Specialty: Computer Systems Controller, where I learned to configure and maintain IT infrastructure equipment such as multiplexers, routers and switches. During my college years, I served in both fixed (working on equipment stays in a nice, clean secure facility) and tactical (think: equipment that can get thrown off the back of an airplane in the middle of nowhere) communications units.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude with my BFA from UMass Dartmouth, I was hired right out of college at a design studio. After a couple of years, I was then chosen out of 197 applicants to work as an in-house designer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, largest independent oceanographic research institution in the United States. That is, until I caught the solopreneur bug and made the leap to start a business of my own.

Since then I have helped clients put the intangible into tangible form through design, illustration and development by designing new visual branding for their businesses, creating custom illustrations for high level presentations and merchandise, delivering creative direction and web design for startups and crowdfunding ventures, and coding custom built WordPress themes.

During this time, and against almost everyone else’s advice, I realized I loved working with other solopreneurs and wanted to focus on helping them exclusively. I love connecting and helping others who love what they do, are following their own off the beaten path, and deeply care about why they do what they do. I knew there were others like me out there—those with something big to say and do but wanted to stay small doing it. And I knew I could help them do it.

And that’s how HUGEish got it’s start.

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