What is HUGEish?

HUGEish adjective  \ˈhyüj-ish, ˈyüj-ish\

: those who play BIG while staying SMALL: as

a :  having great impact while running a business solo
b :  extremely large in heart, character and passion for just one person
c : unbounded in using big business strategy to fuel their solo advantage

a site founded by Amy CQ dedicated to helping other innovative, risk-taking solopreneurs succeed on their (petite) terms

What we believe in:

  • Success is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Being a good human equals good business.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. Seriously.
  • One size fits none.
  • Learn from the best. Stray from the rest.
  • Smart is the new sexy.
  • Save the tactics for technology. Building a business is messy.
  • Your gut gets a vote. Listen to it.
  • Even the smallest voices can create large ripples.
  • Move your body, exercise your mind.
  • Just be more you.
  • Have the courage to ask questions.
  • Question everything.
  • Build a better mousetrap.
  • Swim in the deep end.
  • Eat the damn candy bar! (and enjoy it)

Being HUGEish isn’t a destination, but a state of being. It doesn’t matter at what stage of the business game you are at, whether you are starting out or leveling up, being HUGEish is about being a smart business. Smart enough to know where you want to go (and not go). Smart enough to know who to listen to and who to ignore. Smart enough to let your gut have a vote in business decisions. Smart enough to ignore the naysayers and keep focused on growing on your terms. And, of course, smart enough to align yourself with other smart businesses. (Oh hai!)

So, if you’re tired of getting a proverbial pat on the head when you tell people you run a solo biz, you’ve clicked to right place. Pull up your big business owner panties, and join us on the HUGEish movement.

Along with receiving a ton of helpful (and no BS) advice, tips, and guidance all geared towards running a one woman (or man) show, you’ll be in great company: a virtual street gang of risk-taking, big-thinking, and tenacious solopreneurs.

(Group choreography, matching outfits, and secret handshakes to come.)

Pure filtered. Never watered down. Shaken (not stirred) and delivered right to your inbox.


My cat Rocky hugging the HUGEish logo