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Samantha Welch, esthetician and makeup artist



Even though Samantha is a local business with a brick and mortar storefront, she still needed a well designed website and brand to attract, inform and convert potential clients.

Her clientele consists of both local regular clients and out-of-town brides who come to her area to get married. Her skills and reputation as an esthetician and makeup artist proceeded her, but she knew her website needed a boost to attract new clients who did their research online before making an appointment. To attract new local clients, she needed a site that was up to par (or exceeded) the other, larger salons in the area. For her out-of-town brides, she also needed a site that showcased her work, highlighted her unique philosophy on skincare and makeup, and outlined her services.


In Samantha’s situation, we assessed her immediate needs and decided to take on the visual branding first in order to fulfill her collateral and signage needs at her salon. As with any branding project, all situations where the wordmark could be used were taken into account during the design process: digital or print, on a business card or a billboard.

Since the branding piece would set a new tone for her business, we focused on some keywords that we wanted her brand to convey. Using those keywords as a guide, I had Samantha (and myself) use Pinterest to help gather photos of places, objects, fonts, colors, really anything that visually spoke to those keywords. From there, using the Pinterest boards and some of my own design inspiration, I curated and compiled color palettes, font combinations and design elements for her brand.

After finalizing the wordmark, colors and fonts, I rolled out the new brand across collateral such as business cards, gift certificates, menu of services rack cards, Constant Contact email templates, and of course, the new website design. Now, no matter if her clients met her at a trade show, visited her website, or even saw the sign in her salon that she needed to quickly print on her desktop printer to announce a sale, her brand was consistent and professional grade. We even collaborated to put together easy and beautiful packaging to offer clients as a gift bag for gift certificates or for salon product purchases (just another great chance to reinforce her new brand to existing and new clients).

Having the new branding incorporated on her website would also help to reinforce her new brand direction in order to stand out from her competition and be remembered. Samantha’s goals for her site were to 1) educate, inform and showcase her talents and services to potential new clients, 2) gather email addresses to her Constant Contact list to keep viewers informed of new promotions and specials, and 3) inform clients on new products, techniques, initiatives and even Samantha’s involvement in community efforts through blogging. Even though Samantha’s main focus was not on blogging, the WordPress CMS platform is flexible to allow her to achieve every one of her site goals by publishing pages that outline her services, easily manage and update multiple photo galleries of happy clients to showcase her work, and also to publish blog posts that update, inform and educate her clients as needed. Also, by connecting her Constant Contact account with an Opt-In on her site, it made it easier for potential new clients to sign up and stay informed and for Samantha to reach out to them to stay “top-of-mind” using email marketing.

Samantha Welch

I learned a lot about my style and how I want to come across. Amy knows her business very well and directed me while allowing me to express myself creatively so I felt part of the process. My website, logo, business cards and more are all branded with the same logo, color scheme and fonts, that has a lot of visual impact on current and potential clients.

Visually, it gave my business the boost I had been looking for.

Samantha WelchOwnerSamantha Welch, esthetician & makeup artistHyannis, MA