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Jessie’s main challenge was to find the right visual branding that made her stand out in the fitness and bodywork industries. One that expressed her deep connection with nature and to the grounded, nitty-gritty of real life. She wanted an edge, but not one that most of the fitness industry prescribes to, but one that showed her passion and her unique skill-set bringing both eastern and western philosophy and medicine together.


Instead of looking too long at what others were doing in her industry, we decided to dig more into what it feels like and means to work with Jessie. Having a deep love of music, nightlife, and dancing her heart out, we started there. Taking inspiration from the night-like atmosphere of the tiny clubs where she loved to go and watch live music, from the calm and cool colors of the brilliant night sky she got to see from her rural mountaintop home. We blended that with a raw and real photography style and textures that illustrates the deep work she does with her clients that go way below the surface ‘body’ issues to connect with the ‘mind’.

The combination of more ‘urban’ elements with the bountiful images of nature echoed the vast, and seemingly disconnected, fields of study Jessie has dedicated her life to so she could help women attain true alignment—physically and spiritually— in order to bring forth their creative body of work.

I LOVED Amy’s support. Along with her eye for design and detail, she LISTENED. She held me firmly and lovingly when I got nervous about the project and said she wouldn’t let me slide backwards. She took what was important to me and brought it to life on the screen. It has been called “Gorgeous” by clients and colleagues I respect.

I gained the confidence to launch my first affiliate program because this is a page I am happy to share as widely as possible.

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