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Everyone needs more leopard print in their lives.


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Agatha’s challenge was less about how her website worked (although that was improved too), but how visitors felt going to her site. After the hard work of doing some business deep diving, Agatha was clearer than she had ever been about who she was as a business brand. Armed with new personal style colors (think rich, fall colors), new photoshoot photography, a freshly earned degree in Spiritual Psychology, and a new focus for her biz, Agatha had one last hurdle to jump: her website.

Her website just didn’t fit her anymore. Instead of saying “Hey world, this is ME!”, it said “Hey world, this was me a few years ago.”

And since no one has proved (yet) that they can read minds…no one would ever know the new, sizzling brand Agatha had grown into.



That is, until Agatha decided it was time to uplevel her website to reflect where she was now with her business. After chatting a bit, we came up with three goals of her website which are 1) to have visitors sign up for her email list, 2) a way for potential clients to reach out to work together and, 3) engage visitors through her video blog content.

With her goals in mind, we reviewed and tweaked her site architecture and page layouts (wireframes), then focused on restructuring her homage and redesigning the visual branding of her site. Her homepage was custom built so Agatha had the necessary areas to promote affiliates, highlight new offers, recommend products and even incorporate the lead character in her soon-to-be-completed book “Sweaty Armpit Girl” into the design. And, probably more importantly, it was built so that Agatha can easily make changes to the content without having to know any code at all.

Bringing her personal style color palette into her website automatically creates a nice consistency between Agatha, the person and Hey Agatha, the brand. Plus, knowing that photos get updated, her wardrobe would coordinate with her website if she was to get new photos taken later on. Since Agatha didn’t have any type of logo for her business, I designed her a bold, yet simple logotype that caught the viewers attention and gave the same visual “pop” as do the words “Hey Agatha!” themselves. And, since Agatha is a self-proclaimed out-of-the-box thinker, we gave her out-of-the-box designs for the submenu background in her main navigation, background graphics for the recommendations widget and Opt-In areas. Even adding leopard print to the Comment form on her blog posts! The best part, when the site was done, Agatha received her own personalized Style Guide that outlines all the fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. used in her design so she can keep her visual brand consistent if she needs to create other collateral herself.

Agatha Kulesza

For the first time in my 12 years as an entrepreneur, I found great piece of mind by hiring Amy. She not only designs impeccably, but also has a strong marketing mind so I was fully supported in realizing my online presence with her. She was able to effortlessly translate my design ideas into reality without me having to explain it for hours.

She makes it painless.

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