Elaine Siu

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  • Branding
  • e-Book Design
  • Illustration
  • Website


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Clean, clear, and colorful!


Elaine Siu



Elaine was recreating her business going from fashionista blogger to helping others free themselves from corporate stuckness. But her fashionista self wasn’t satisfied with just using any theme design out there for her site. She had a particular vision and decided to team up together to make them a reality. Elaine’s particular challenge was finding the right visual branding that elegantly spoke to corporate workers who wish to escape the rat race while still being true to her meditating, animal loving, free-spirit self.


The solution to Elaine’s challenges was to first, create a custom theme for her site that included custom blog templates, alternate header images, a landing page to focus in on a particular offer or service, all of which could be easily edited by Elaine without knowing any code. Secondly, coming up with fun, accessible, but clean and professional graphics that spoke to her audience in a way that was trustworthy yet not stuffy.