Make it so, Make it so, Make it so

Captain Picard playing the recorder

This is my new favorite holiday song. It’s been stuck in my head since the first time I heard it (and now yours…you’re welcome).

Besides being seasonally appropriate, I’m getting the vibe that it is also super appropriate this year. The more I talk with other solopreneurs, the more this year is shaping up to be a year of putting the proverbial business rubber to the road and ‘making it so’.

Many of us went into solo business because we could have the freedom to pursue different opportunities to fuel our (sometimes ADDish) interests and pursuits. But just like when you get THE perfect idea for your next Halloween costume that will knock everyone’s socks off, we often talk ourselves out of it for fear that it might not come out as cool as it looks in our heads.

And there it stays. In the vast, uncharted territories of our wishful thinking.

I dunno if it comes with age, wisdom or just sheer what-do-I-have-to-lose courage…but you get to the point where you just don’t give a flying fudge anymore and just wanna get this stinking idea out of your brain (GAWD)!! So you sit down and Do. The. Work. Cue tidal wave of awesomeness that flows from your fingertips through your keyboard (or your medium of choice).

I had a nugget of an idea just like this that I’ve was sitting on for a better part of a year. And now, it’s actually making headway into reality. And it feels damn good.

After doing some mighty business soul searching, I knew it was time to for a HUGE pivot in my business. Yeah sure, I had been making some small pivots here and there over the years experimenting in this and that. But this time, it was time to do it BIG and do it RIGHT.

So, my previous incarnation of business: Amy CQ Design morphed into HUGEish, a site for those who love to play BIG while staying SMALL.

It was finally the right forum I needed to:

  • Talk directly to those I love to help (risk-taking solopreneurs)
  • Share a breadth of knowledge across business, life and everything HUGEish
  • Offer several levels of services to help to my fellow solopreneurs be more HUGEish
  • Assemble other left-of-center but serious down-to-business solopreneurs

On this blog, I’ll be talking about techie tips, book reviews, branding…plus more on life as a solopreneur, success and what that really means, marketing like you have a soul, etc. all filtered through my no-frills lens (because we ain’t got time for fluff) to help other solopreneurs succeed on their own (petite) terms.

So my friends, let’s make this the year of ‘Making it So’ and get those big, crazy, this-might-not-work-but-I’m-gonna-do-it-anyway-dammit ideas out in the shiny light of reality.

Because life is too short to keep that kind of fantastic to ourselves.

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