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HUGEish Questions


Q: I’m looking for someone to help me with a design/website/brand/question, but I don’t see it listed on your site? Can you help me?
A: I’m sure I can help you in one way or another. Just fill out the form to the left and fill me in on your project.

Q: I live in another time zone/country, can I still sign up to work with you?
A: Sure! I live in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, but I’ve worked with people from other time zones often. Between email, phone, and Skype we’ll find a way to Tim Gunn it (a.k.a. Make it Work!).

Q: I’m putting an event together and would love for you to present. Do you do that kinda thing?
A: Sure do! I’ve presented to crowds of 30 to 300 on topics such as design, branding, and solopreneurship. Give me the deets in the Message section on the form and I’ll be in touch!

Q: I dig your style. How else can I follow what you’re up to?
A: Aww, I dig you for your digging me. You can always find me here: