Claim it. Own it. Never apologize for it.

Psst, hey mantras…

Everyone thinks you’re lame.

Can you blame them when this is the first thing that can pop into their heads when thinking of you?

Yup, the lame-o meter was flying off the charts for enough of the mainstream that Saturday Night Live’s (and Senator) Al Franken built a whole character, sketch series, and feature length movie (yeah, it’s bad) around taking jabs at those who practice reciting mantras.

Now, before anyone goes off on a Wikipedia-induced rant about how mantras technically are not phrases but sounds to aid in deep meditation and has thousands of years of history behind them…I know. But we’re not talking about those here, k?

So, Y U so lame, mantra?

Call it what you will: mantra, your guiding phrase, focus phrase or word…it all works the same. A phrase to help you digest (and get it into our thick skulls) a new or renewed idea or principle you want to incorporate into your life.

I mean, it sounds like a very valid thing to do: remind yourself of something you don’t want to forget by repeating it to yourself, writing it down, or having it written on something you look at everyday.

Great. But that’s kinda missing something…like TAKING ACTION.

Words are just words until we start putting them into practice, taking action on them, and really, truly, incorporating them into our businesses, our lives, our…us.

Are you ready to finally stop just saying the words, and start truly living them?

Me, the fuck, too.

Whatever your mantra is, let’s agree on this: let’s not let it become that lame, butt-of-the-joke, wet-noodle of an idea by letting it sit there as merely words on a page…but a kick-ass, war cry which summons the courage of a thousand Spartans that hurtles us towards our goals.

Yeah, let’s have more of that kind of non-lameness.

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I’ve got a mantra for ya right here.

If choosing a mantra for the year sends you into a perfectionist, FOMO downward spiral, you can borrow mine:

Claim it. Own it. NEVER apologize for it.

Backstory: During one of the regular, holed-up mastermind weekends in a 1800s (quite possibly haunted) barn that I have with two of my fav entrepreneur friends Nikki and Patsy, this nugget came flying out of my mouth so fast, I barely had the chance to catch it on paper (probably because I was passionately gesturing like the good Italian I am.)

WANT THIS IMAGE FOR YOURSELF? Download it as a Desktop, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6Plus wallpaper for FREE!

Yup. I’ve got it as my laptop and iPhone lock screen as I write this. And now you can too. 😉

Tune in to find out what “CLAIM IT. OWN IT. NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR IT.” means for your brand as a solopreneur. (Hint: EVERYTHING!!)

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