Branding Strategy & Design

Is your business calling all the wrong clients to the yard? 

Hint: It has nothing to do with milkshakes, but everything to do with your brand.

Yup, that cobbled together, Frankenstein of a brand that you had to make do with for the past few years is really cock-blocking your efforts to attract your dream clients and projects.

You know the ones. The ones that make you leap out of bed every morning.

But instead of enticing an endless stream of awesome clients, your brand is sending out confusing, bland, maybe even misleading signals while you weren’t looking that are turning them away.

You know that if you “just got the chance to talk to those people, they’d understand how awesome I/my business/my services/my products really are!”

And you’re probably right.

Except they rarely make it that far.

But, what if you woke up tomorrow with a drool-worthy brand that:

  • Has your ideal clients lining up at the door
  • Turns customers into raving fans
  • Positions you to charge a premium
  • Finally reflects your true authentic self (that’s pretty ‘effing cool, btw)
  • Makes marketing and writing copy for your business effortless

And a partner in crime to help you figure out how to get there from here (p.s. that’s me.)

Sounds pretty good, right?


Branding Strategy + Design

Branding in today’s digital age isn’t about designing the logo of all logos and calling it a day. (Sorry you don’t get off that easy.)

It’s about strategically finding that sweet spot in your business that makes you stand out from the rest and turning it up to eleven.

So before we get down to the nitty gritty design elements, we gotta figure out what makes your business tick. We’ll take a high-level view of your brand as it is today, where you would like it to go, do just enough research to scope out the competition (but not be too influenced by them), and create a one-of-a-kind, creative, and actionable brand strategy to save your brand from the brink of blah-ville.

What kinda things would I get by working together?

Besides having a ball of fun, boundary-pushing creative thinking, strategic planning, and down-to-earth tactics…these are the deliverables you take home with you after working together:

  • Your Brand Plan Workbook to establish your brand goals and get a high level view of where you are now and where you want to go.
  • Wordmark Design from concepts to final design delivered in both vector and raster files for print and web.
  • Visual Branding Breakdown to include color palettes in CMYK, RGB, and PMS color mixes, font combinations for print and web, textural backgrounds and graphic elements, photography style direction.
  • Customized Brand Plan Report that includes my observations and recommendations in the key areas of branding (position, differentiation, voice and tone, etc.)
  • Brand Style Guide to establish the visual building blocks, example mockups, and the do’s and don’t’s of your brand to create a consistent visual design across all media

Branding + Strategy Packages start at $1500


Sometimes a brand foundation is all one needs to take off running with the creative. Other times they’d rather pull out their hair strand by strand than try to mess with design and would gladly pay an additional fee to have it done for them.

That’s where I can help. Here are just some of the additional items we can upgrade with your new brand style and direction.

  • Business card/Letterhead design
  • Email newsletter design
  • Social media graphics and/or headers and profile images
  • Website polish to update colors, fonts, logo, and custom header(s). Assuming you have full access to your website. 

*Custom illustrated logos would also require an additional cost—for when you are looking for something beyond just the right font. (Think Metallica vs. Nike)

Add-ons will be quoted on a case by case basis. 


It’s SUPER easy to get started:

1. Click the big shiny button below and fill out the branding contact form.
2. In a wink and a flash you’ll receive a response from me to set up a time to have a quick chat.
3. Then, after we decide that we are destined to work together (like I know we will), we’ll get all the admin stuff out of the way to make it official.
4. Then, BOOM! we’re off!

Still not sure this is for you?

Maybe this will help:

This is totally for you if:

  • You know where you want your brand to go, but are not sure how to get it there
  • You want an objective, create, and critical eye on your brand to push it to the next level
  • You need a strategic (and realistic) plan so you don’t feel so overwhelmed by the idea of a rebrand
  • You are ready to step into your awesomeness and turn the volume up to ELEVEN on your brand


This is totally NOT for you if:

  • You just want to copy [insert name of popular online entrepreneur du jour here] style and call it a night. (That’s a one-way ticket to obscurity-ville.)
  • You are desperate for cash to come in the door and are looking for immediate results. (Brands, like Rome, are not built in a day.)
  • You really don’t care about building an authentic brand and just want tactics to fill your till. (Sorry, that don’t jive with my brand.)


To get things started, just fill out your information below.

  • Tell me a little about your business, yourself, your branding needs...anything you'd like me to know before we chat.
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