2 Hour RendezYou

What’s a RendezYou?2 Hour RendezYou

Think of it like a fun lunch date with your friends, but all we talk about is YOU. Where you’re allowed to go on and on (please do) about your business hopes, dreams, fears, and plans with someone who obsesses over her biz just as much as you do. And, just like your BFFs, my advice comes straight-up with no frills attached (because who has time to beat around the bush?). No blueprints. No rigid systems to follow. (I’m not one for coloring inside the lines either.) Just an honest, personalized, laser-bullet-focused-on-your-success session, so you can get out there and win on your terms.

Consider this my open invite to you…you just need to reserve your seat at the table.

Book your seat now:

How does it work?

It’s pretty easy, actually. Just submit the Book a Session form above with your info and preferred day and time. Then, I’ll respond and confirm a time and day that works for both of us and send the link for payment. Then, you’ll receive some questions to fill out about you, your business, and what you’d like to chat about, so I can gather up some pre-call intel. Then, at your appointment time I’ll call you at the phone number (or Skype if international) you supplied.

During the call, we laugh. We cry. We laugh again. You get your own personal Matt Foley, motivational speaker, in your corner routing for you (but with less obsession about living in vans down by the river) and actionable steps to take after our session.

And to top it off, a follow-up email from me as a check-in. It’s your second chance to remember to ask me the questions you forgot to ask in the first place.

What does it cost?

The cost for the session is $197.
I accept all major credit cards and bank transfers.

Let’s get this party started, eh?

What should I talk about?

Have a bajillion questions rattling around in your brain you wanna talk about? (We ALL do.) Ok, here are just a few examples of topics I can help you sort out:

  • Feedback and creative brainstorming on your social media content (what you share and where)
  • Figuring out what your brand is (really) trying to say? (and what to tweak if it isn’t)
  • Design critique and recommendations on your visual branding (get out your thick skin for this one, I get asked back to my alma mater to critique for a good reason)
  • How you can leverage your current services (so your already full calendar can come up for air)
  • Planning out your editorial calendar (topics to blog about, how often, and how much)
  • Weeding out the efforts that are not getting you to where you want to go (and the permission to say No to them)

Have a so-unique-it-couldn’t-possibly-be-on-here kinda question? You’ll have a space on your pre-call intel gathering form to write exactly what’s on your mind and how I can help you with it.

Let’s DO THIS!

Marklyn Champagne

I’ve just got to say it: my consultation with Amy CQ was HUGELY successful! I am whelmed at her ability to probe the circuitous questions I posed to a point of clarity and craft an answer befitting my level of need and understanding.

Amy responded with great wisdom and depth of knowledge and I am honored to have learned from the best.

Marklyn ChampagneRN, MSW, Therapist and Co-creator of CIRCLES®Providence, RI