What does it mean to be HUGEish?

Most of the business advice to solopreneurs makes it seem like there are only two paths you can take in order to succeed: grow bigger (hire employees) or hope to get put on retainer for a big company (be an employee…again).

But what if there was a third choice:
None of the above.

What if you could define success your way?
What if you could easily attract those you are so passionate to help?
What if you could achieve the freedom to collaborate with who you want, when you want, if you want to at all?

What if there was a place to go to receive advice, tips, tricks, reviews, (some) commiseration, and a community built specifically for solopreneurs who desire to make a big impact but refuse to give up the freedom and agility of being small?

Welcome to HUGEish

Being HUGEish is not about knowing it (or even doing it) all by yourself, but about learning from the best and straying from the rest. It’s about becoming the smallest, biggest success you can be. And doing it on your own (petite) terms.

I’m on a mission to be HUGEish.

Will you join me?


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